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William V. ReynoldsWilliam V. Reynolds was born the son of a sharecropper in South Georgia. His early years were spent in a transition period - not quite primitive, not quite modern. As a result, he has firsthand knowledge of farming with a mule, picking corn by hand, harvesting cotton and tobacco, killing and dressing meat, and a host of other things that one learns growing up in a rural community. After graduating from college, he began his career as a mathematics teacher and later earned masters and education specialist degrees. Through the years, he has also worked as a movie projectionist, theater manager, long-distance truck driver, and minister.

Since retiring he has been able to pursue a lifelong dream of writing. William has eight novels that have been published since 2000 which include a historical fiction trilogy based on his oral family history. In addition to writing, William teaches novel writing courses at John Campbell Folk School, conducts seminars to writers’ groups, is a contributing writer to Mature Living in Southeast Georgia, and is a staff writer for the Sentinel newspapers in Western North Carolina and North Georgia. His column "Reel Memories" is a special feature each week.

He is available for speaking and/or book signings at civic, church, library, and book groups, or schools, colleges, libraries, and other interested groups and organizations.

Sandy Anderson was born in Rutherford, North Carolina. As a young adult she participated in many sports, including basketball and softball. She has served her community as the President of the local Jaycees, a member of the neighborhood Welcome Wagon, and as a nursing home or volunteer.
She now lives in Polk County near the mountains of western North Carolina. She has two beautiful children, a wonderful husband and a very loving and supportive extended family.

She has worked in long-term care for almost 20 years and is currently the Director of Social Services at a healthcare facility near her home.

In her free time she enjoys her family, her past, her job, music, crocheting and gardening, but has aspired to be a writer since childhood.  Though she has been writing everything from poetry to short stories and music since a young age, this is her first published novel. She attended John C. Campbell Folk School in 2007 where she was able to really begin making her dream of becoming an author come true.