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Double Eagle Enterprises is a small family owned publishing company that has been in operation since October 2000.  We specialize in publishing "Books for the Common Man".

Our mission is to publish books that entertain and inform people of all ages and educational levels.  We want to encourage readers to learn more about the people, places, and events depicted in our novels.  “Books for the Common Man” is more than a slogan for our company—it is our passion and commitment that we make to our readers and viewers. 

*Published eight novels on a variety of subjects
*River Pilot selected by several Georgia schools for required and/or resource reading for Georgia history and language arts classes
*Published and showcased works of new author
*Professionally mentored aspiring authors through guidance, editing, referrals, and arranging materials for publication

*Develop a screen play based on one of our popular novels
*Showcase and publish the works of new authors