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We have several books that are sure to entertain and inform people of all ages.  These books may be purchased in our online store.

Murder on the Altamaha by William V. Reynolds

Sam Marlowe, a 1930s private investigator is back, investigating a murder in his hometown.  When John Henry Marlowe, Sam's Father, finds a body, he has a hard time convincing anyone that it's true. But when the body is recovered, John Henry finds himself and his family in danger.

Sam comes to the rescue when his mother lets him know what's going on. Before he can find the killer, Sam needs to determine the identity of the corpse.  Using 1930s technology, he is able to do so.  This launches a series of events that lead to a confrontation with his prime suspect.

Sam's life is in jeopardy, and the killer will never be brought to justice unless Sam is able to survive the raging waters of the Altamaha River.

Murder in the Okefenokee Book CoverMurder in the Okefenokee is a combination mystery/historical novel set in the 1930s. Sam Marlowe, a private investigator, probes a mysterious death in the Okefenokee swamp. The story is based on an actual event.  When an innocent man is accused of the murder of a local trapper, his employer hires Sam Marlowe to establish his innocence. The investigation takes Marlowe into the depths of the swamp where his life is at risk. There he finds a moonshining operation that is unbelievably large.  Outside the swamp he finds himself dealing with the Ku Klux Klan as well. In addition he meets a mysterious character who is presumed to be a federal agent. But this person may actually be a moonshiner masquerading as a revenuer. Sam Marlowe races against time to establish the innocence of the accused man before the Ku Klux Klan can lynch him.

Forgiving Gardens Book CoverA woman who wants to know what happened to her aunt who disappeared more than 60 years ago struggles with the dilemma – will finding the answer be worth the pain to her and her family?  “Where’s Millie?” had been a family greeting for several decades. Most of the family used it simply because others did. If anybody knew the story behind it, they never told it. That is until now. The disappearance of Aunt Millie begins to haunt Annie, her great-niece. What really happened on that fateful day? When she gets the opportunity to find out with the help of a modern-day detective, she is still not certain she wants to know. Finally, she allows the detective to look for Aunt Millie. The surprising results will keep you turning the pages until the very last sentence.

Life With Charlie Book CoverLife With Charlie is the story of a homeless man who adopts a dog while traveling across the country to keep a date with destiny. When Sam Sampson finds Charlie, the only survivor of a train wreck other than himself, he takes the dog with him as he escapes the wilderness where he is stranded. Together they struggle to survive the wilderness and civilization as they meet people who are either friendly or hostile to them.

River Pilot Book CoverRiver Pilot is the story of William Augustus Reynolds (Gus), a man who had river mud in his veins.  Together with other men of his time, Gus struggles to make a living as they cut trees from the river swamp, build rafts,and float them down river.

Hard Times Book CoverHard Times is the story of a family’s survival during one of the darkest eras of the 20th century, The Great Depression.  This was the world, as Eva Hester Reynolds knew it, when she was left alone by the death of her husband. There was little she could do to earn a living. Women were commonly discriminated against in business matters and other areas of everyday life. An unmarried woman, widowed or single, was considered a threat to those women who still had the security of a husband, and they were determined that those “available” women be married.

Call of the Pines Book CoverCall of the Pines is the story of a young man and his struggle to grow up in the Great Depression. Growing up in the 1920s and 1930s was hard enough, but people in rural areas had special problems. Job opportunities became almost nonexistent. Thousands of men, young and old, found themselves wandering over the country looking for work. Others, who had given up on finding work, simply roamed around the country. For a young man with little education or opportunity, riding the rails was the best way to see the country. Many of them left home simply for the adventure of the times.

Project Messiah Book CoverProject Messiah is the story of a "Church" that attempts to use technology to create a "god" in their image. If successful, they will have "resurrected" a man they claim to be the Messiah.

Circuit Rider Book CoverCircuit Rider is the story of Zeb Rawlins, a church pastor in rural South Georgia during the 1920s. He finds himself dealing with a community that makes its own laws as he deals with the sins of adultery, arson, and murder. Living in the community is sometimes very difficult because each man has his own rules.