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"Reynolds doesn’t just write -- he describes, chuckles, wonders, laughs. And he downright still lives the small farmhouse atmosphere... where he was born..."
--Jay Bail, Reviewer, The Book Reader

"... and unvarnished view of the almost forgotten past."
--Elise Permar, The Islander Newspaper, Brunswick GA

"Life in South Georgia and the strength and tenacity of its people are accurately portrayed and written in such a manner that the reader is pulled into the story and tastes with his characters the times of sadness, defeats, victories, joys, and hopes for tomorrow."
--Jane Highsmith, Psychological Counselor

"William V. Reynolds’ historical novels capture an authentic slice of Americana.... The characters come to life, reflecting the hardships, the dangers, and the emotions of the early days of the last century."
--Jerry Cole, Rehabilitation Counselor

"Reynolds certainly knows his characters."
--B. Turner, Language Arts Instructor

"I read awhile, laughed awhile, and cried awhile."
--M. Thomas, Lay Reader

"He [Reynolds] has his own unique way of reaching out to you from the pages of his penned words and touching all your emotions at one time."
--J. Verner, Lay Reader